Rockhopper Is A Famous Pirate Penguin. He Likes Club Penguin Island And Visits The Island In Two-Three Months In His Ship Called The Migrator.

Here Is A Article On Him By Club Penguin On Him:

  • Captain Rockhopper is a pirate who sails the seas on his ship, The Migrator, in search of adventure, and of course treasure. When he’s not out at sea, he’s at home on Club Penguin. He typically returns every couple of months and brings along rare and special items to sell.


  • He built The Migrator and cast off on his first journey sometime in March 2005. He returned over a year later with many tales to tell and treasure to sell. He stores his treasure on Rockhopper Island, which he discovered and named during his year at sea.


  • To find out more about the bearded pirate, read the stories in his journal. It is on his ship.


  • Look for signs of his return in the Lighthouse telescope, located at the Beacon and read The Penguin Times newspaper for updates.

Questions Asked By The Penguins To Captain Rockhopper

Can I really meet Rockhopper?Yes! Whenever his ship is docked at the Beach, you may be lucky enough to meet him. He likes to hang out on his ship. If you don’t find him there, ask around. He is a red penguin who wears the name Rockhopper and has a black beard and pirate hat. He considers himself a friend to everyone in Club Penguin and would love to meet you too.Can I travel with Rockhopper?Rockhopper is the captain of his own ship, and except for the addition of Yarr, he prefers to travel alone. How can I find out more about Rockhopper?

Read his journal the next time he is in town. It is located on the bottom right corner of your screen when you are on board his ship. It is always docked at the Beach beside the Lighthouse.

Here Is A Picture Of The Migrator Captain Rockhopper’s Ship, Click On The Book It Is Rockhopper’s Journal.



Here Is A Picture Of The Ship Hold, Click On The   Scrap In The Down Right Sight To Get A Only 1 Free Item And The Other Items.


Here Is A Picture Of Rockhopper Click On The Buddy Icon He Will Not Be Able To Make You His Buddy But You Can Get A Eyepacth. Click On His Home Icon You Will Be ON The Migrator. But You Can Make Him On Your Ignore List.




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