club penguin mission of the missing puffles

Case of the Missing Puffle

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Here you will find step-by-step instructions and cheats how to complete Mission 1 : Case of the Missing Puffles.

It is a complete tutorial for the Club Penguin Mission of the “Case of the Missing Puffles” also called Mission One (1).

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Mission 1 : Case of the Missing Puffles

Here is a Club Penguin Tutorial for the “Case of the Missing Puffles” named “Club Penguin Mission 1 Tutorial”. You can find this on YouTube. We found this very useful and Club Penguin friendly so we thought that it might help you if you have it here. Hope it helps you to complete Club Penguin Mission 1 and with cheats and little tips.

Here, below of this video, you can find the step-by-step instruction we have created to help you complete the Club Penguin Mission 1.


  1. You have to go and find Mission One. This will take you to a screen describing the problem you have to solve:
    “Aunt Arctic… famous reporter for Club Penguin Times.. has lost two of her pet puffles. It is your assignment to find and rescue them.”

    It will look like this:

    the missing puffles start pictureThen you have to click “START MISSION” to start the mission.

  2. You will be in a Club Penguin Room, like the picture below and have a little conversation with Aunt Arctic about what happened and take some clues.aunt arctic room start of mission 1 The conversation you are going to have with Aunt Arctic will be like:Aunt Arctic: “Thank goodness someone is here to help me. I think some of my puffles are in trouble! The are missing!”

    You: “When did this happen?
    Aunt Arctic: “It happened an hour ago. I was doing some reporting for the penguin times, so i brought my camera with me to take pictures.”
    You: “What happened next?”
    Aunt Arctic: “Two of the puffles must have hidden in my camera bag, because when i got home, i saw that they were missing, and my camera was gone too! “
    You: “Could you describe your puffles for me?”
    Aunt Arctic: ” The green one loves to explore and be goofy and the purple one likes to take pictures.”
    You: “Don’t worry, Aunt Arctic, i’ll find them.”
    Aunt Arctic: ” Oh, please find my puffles! I need to know that the are safe”

  3. Then you have to use the Club Penguin Map, which shows you all the Club Penguin places (rooms), to go to the Ice Ring.
    The Map will look like this:map for the ice rinkYou click on the Club Penguin Map with your mouse to the Center of the map, on the Ice Rink you see.

    By doing this you will be automatically be redirected to the Ice Rink in the Club Penguin that looks like this:
    Ice Rink picture 

    Then go to the right of screen and look at the left bottom. As you can see on the picture of the Ice Rink there are some kind of printed photographs there. Click on them in order to collect them.

  4. Now that you have collected the pictures, you have to take them to Aunt Arctic. So you click on the map icon on the left top of your screen and click on the Aunt Arctic Igloo.
    aunt arctic igloo

    Once you have given her the picture you will gain her trust in order to find her puffles and help her.

    [Wait for Update for further]