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Club Penguin – Return

Our website is really happy to announce publicly that will go back to life in some days. The nearly one year quit site will remain its position as it can be used in reference in the future. We are aiming to start over contracting our lovely Club Penguin website from some basic and important categories. So we are going to start posting about:

  • Club Penguin News
  • Club Penguin Newspaper
  • Club Penguin Cheats
  • Club Penguin Catalogs
  • Club Penguin Missions

and some other interesting staff for you.

Also we are going to try and rebuilt some useful club penguin tutorials and cheats. This will help you on your way to discover club penguin, achieve some club penguin missions or anything else related with club penguin.

In addition to that we will be really happy to have a new club penguin friendly theme and appearance for our website. We hope to have that at the end of the next month, so keep your enthusiasm for that.

Parallel we are going to try and use some other services to get or keep touch with you. That means that:

  • we are going to use Facebook to keep you informed and see what you like more
  • use POLLS just to know what you think about club penguin or our work and website
  • use email so if you want you may join in our club penguin email list to always be in front of the pages of the news
  • any other media you might think would be useful you can tell.

Thank you for know. See you soon penguins. Hope you visit our club penguin website. Have fun till then.